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Techno Geek Zone

Techno Geek Zone

Techno Geek Zone is our first blog through which we started our journey of blogging. It is a highly professional blog which focus on providing posts related to Blogging and Technology.

Culture Lyrics

Culture Lyrics

Culture Lyrics is our blog where we provide you with quality Lyrics of Songs from worldwide.

Geeky Student

Geeky Student

A Blog for Students where we help student by providing sample papers, exam dates, or any relevant details of any examination.

All About Enfield

All About Enfield

All About Enfield is our blog where we provide you some good quality post related to legendary bike manufacturer "Royal Enfield"

Satyendra Maurya / Chief Editor and Co-Founder

Have a Look at Satyendra's Profile

A bit about Him

Satyendra Maurya is a passionate Blogger and also a student from Lucknow(The City Of Nawabs). though his student life and blogging life is totally antagonistic to each other but still he manages to do all work with the power of smile and happiness.

Talking about Satyendra's relation with the community around him then surely one cannot beat this businessman. A lovely character with fun-loving mood and always ready to destroy his enemies by making them friends.


Satyendra Maurya

Personal info

Satyendra Maurya

Here are some personal details about Satyendra.

Birthday: 14 OCT 1997
Phone number: +918562985315
E-mail: [email protected]

Nicket Singh/Co-Founder

Have a Look at Nicket's Profile

A bit about Him

Nicket is also a Student from Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh,India. Having some dreams to change this world and to change everyone.

Abhishek Singh popularly known as Nicket Singh in Social World. Nicket sees this world with many possibilities and had a clear view of life "Nothing can be done if we don't do it!"


Nicket Singh

Personal info

Nicket Singh

Here are some personal details about Nicket.

Birthday: 21 SEP 1996
Phone number: +919454615844
E-mail: [email protected]

Our Story

Know more about our past

Blogging Career

  • 2014-future

    Blogging @ Earning

    So that moment came in Satyendra and Nicket's life where they first got their Adsense approved and it opened the gateway of earning for them. Since they started these blogs for Education purpose for others, Nicket and Satyendra decided to monetize it later. But by the ending of 2016 they received their first payment from RevenueHits.

  • 2012-2014

    Blogging @ Sub Domain

    In school days, Satyendra met Nicket where they seriously discussed some worldly issues related to technology and that's where Idea of blogging came into their mind.


  • 2016-Future

    Graduation@ University

    After completing their schooling both guys are now pursuing their bachelor degree from their respective Universities. Although they are pursuing their graduation but still focusing on Blogging since they Believe in Creating Jobs rather than Doing Jobs.

  • 2012-2016

    Farewell to School Days@ SKD Academy

    Here comes an ending to lovely school days. Both Blog Scientists, Nicket and Satyendra were students of SKD Academy where they met each other and invented this blog.

Skills & Things about us

html & css
Web Developer


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